Some mysterious new Google gadget just passed by the FCC

Every so typically, a mysterious new device passes by way of the FCC that piques our attention. In some cases the listing outright suggests what we’re looking at, even supplying us facts on unannounced phones. Other times — these as now — the gadget stays an enigma. A new unit from Google has made its way through the FCC, but only time will convey to what it actually is.

This FCC filing describes a “Wi-fi Streaming Device” with the model quantity GJQ9T (by way of If this sort of listing appears acquainted, it can be simply because we noticed a equivalent gadget from Google at the FCC a several months in the past. At the time, we speculated it was probably a new Nest Cam of some kind, rumors that arrived to fruition these days pursuing the announcement of all-new Nest products. As for what this precise product could be, your guess is as very good as ours.

Of training course, we can constantly check out to speculate. Based mostly on the timing of the filing, the ideal guess looks to be some new Chromecast model. Final year’s Chromecast with Google Tv set also handed via the FCC in August, sporting the model selection GZRNL. On the other hand, that gadget was listed as an “Interactive Media Streaming Machine,” not a “Wi-fi Streaming Product.” Whether that is sufficient to squash the probability of a successor to Google’s newest dongle, we’ll have to wait to locate out.

Outside of a new Chromecast, there usually are not any other regular suspects. This morning’s announcement appears to be to rule out any kind of new Nest components, even though Wi-Fi 5 assistance crosses substantial-end Pixel Buds off the list.

Individually, I might like to see a refresh for Google’s most the latest streaming gear. I really enjoy employing my Chromecast, but I’ve already bumped up in opposition to the constrained storage quota, and I know I am not by itself. Whichever it is, it could possibly hit retail store shelves along with the impending Pixel 6, just in time for the holiday year.

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