Lawsuit: Kansas altered software package to cover election information

“The Kansas Open up Documents Act exists for a motive: to offer customers of the community some evaluate of transparency and accountability of government businesses,” Sharon Brett, authorized director for the ACLU of Kansas, stated in a published assertion. “What Secretary Schwab did below was very first to deny that appropriate of entry, and then when he misplaced that fight, he took affirmative steps to make access exceedingly difficult. Secretary Schwab’s actions run counter to the extremely goal of getting an open up information legislation in the 1st put.”

Schwab’s office environment declined Wednesday to comment on the ongoing litigation. But in court docket documents, his lawyers argue that the provisional ballot element report serves “no practical purpose” to the secretary of state’s business and that no statute needs his place of work to manage it or gather facts about person provisional ballots,

They also contend Schwab has “no obligation to manage this databases function in perpetuity” and observed his business supplied to get in touch with the database seller so they could produce a script to manually pull the data Hammet sought if he compensated for the price tag. They also pointed out Hammet could get hold of the facts he desired from county election officers.

“Government is meant to be by the people today, for the people today,” Brett mentioned. “A ruling from our shopper in this circumstance would mean that government in Kansas is for the people today, but only when the governing administration feels like it and has almost nothing it wishes to disguise.”

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