Russia is tightening its grip on the internet. Activists are fighting back

Aleksandr Litreev knew it was no routine traffic check as soon as the policeman demanded he hand over his phone. Litreev, 24 at the time, was on his way to a meeting in Yekaterinburg, a day’s drive east of Moscow, about one of his apps. The police pulled him over as he headed to a hotel to drop off his bags. That moment, last February, is when his life changed forever. 

“They took me to a police station,” Litreev recalls, “and magically some drugs appear.” Litreev said he was arrested by around 10 armed policemen, beaten into confessing to ecstasy

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Russia blames program failure for ‘unexpected’ ISS module thruster firing

The Russian-built Nauka module approached the ISS for docking.

Oleg Novitskiy/Roscosmos

Initially, the very good news. The Russian-constructed Nauka laboratory efficiently docked with the Intercontinental Place Station on Thursday morning. Now, the not-so-fantastic information: Nauka “inadvertently and unexpectedly” fired its thrusters just after docking, creating the ISS to lose angle regulate (aka manage above its orientation). On Friday, Russian place company Roscosmos pointed to a “quick-term software package failure” as the offender.

The Roscosmos statement — attributed to ISS Russian phase flight director Vladimir Solovyov — explained the docking mechanics worked reliably, but “a direct command was mistakenly implemented to

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