John McAfee fundamentally altered the way we target laptop or computer viruses

John McAfee may well be very best regarded for his erratic and eccentric personality, but his contributions to cybersecurity simply cannot be disregarded. McAfee, who died by suicide in a Spanish jail on Wednesday ahead of a planned extradition to the U.S. to deal with tax evasion rates, started the eponymous software package business that hundreds of thousands all over the world rely on to maintain their computers safe and sound.

The British-born McAfee, 75, labored in many work opportunities in the know-how business including a stint at NASA prior to founding McAfee Associates in 1987 following the first regarded

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John McAfee, Antivirus Software package Pioneer, Found Useless in Prison

(Bloomberg) — John McAfee, the creator of the eponymous antivirus computer software, was uncovered dead Wednesday in prison outside Barcelona. He was 75.

Above the previous 10 years, McAfee obtained notoriety for his ranting on social media, his involvement in a Central American legal investigation and accusations from U.S. authorities that he was involved with pumping and dumping cryptocurrencies.

McAfee was learned useless in his jail cell several hours immediately after Spain’s National Court docket authorized his extradition to the U.S. above multiple tax fraud costs. He was found by security personnel at the Brians 2 jail in northeast Spain,

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