Broadband World-wide-web Bill Much too Substantial? Here’s How You Can Fix That

Kim Cadena was shocked at the world wide web invoice that arrived on July 21: The cost jumped from $50 to $81 a month, for the similar 100-megabit-for every-next program. Mx. Cadena (who employs the gender-neutral honorific) has been a Comcast Xfinity shopper for two a long time. The provider started off with a advertising $30-a-month rate, then increased to $50 the second year. Now, it is absent up all over again.

Mx. Cadena, a housing analyst in Alexandria, Va., is waiting around on the city’s fiber community, which is not expected to be accomplished for a different 4

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Social Media 

Ashton Kutcher has a fix for social media outrage: Adding a dislike button

Ashton Kutcher has a lot of thoughts on social media, 5G and more. 

Richard Peterson/CNET

Let’s face it, social media can be a hot mess. You don’t have to look hard to find a hotbed of insults and inflammatory comments, perpetually escalating. Actor and tech investor Ashton Kutcher has a deceptively simple way to curb at least some of that toxicity, and it has to do with the “like” button.

Or, more accurately, a “dislike” button. 

While social networks make it easy to “like” or “heart” a post, there isn’t a parallel function on platforms like Twitter or Instagram. Kutcher

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